An intriguing story…

Abel Tasman is recognized as the first European to ‘discover’ New Zealand in 1642. His men were the first to encounter the Maori people. His two small ships and crew anchored at Wharewharangi Bay, near Wainui Inlet to the north of what is now Abel Tasman National Park, on December 18. On December 19th, misunderstanding and fear resulted in the death of four of his crew. Three of the bodies were returned to the ship in their small floating vessel, the remaining body was kept by the Maori people.  Cannibalism is suspected.

1. Experience a kayak adventure with the turquoise blue water, seals and incredible coastal landscape.

2. Connect with other like-minded, interesting travelers.

3. Explore hidden coves, glow-worm caves, waterfalls, and isolated sandy beaches.

4. Enjoy being disconnected and relax into the moment, watch a sunset/sunrise, take a walk and listen to nature around you.

5. Listen, and learn from a highly knowledgable guide and chef de camp-cuisine about the history, legends, natural resources and colorful characters of the area.

In my opinion, kayaking the Abel Tasman National Park is the best way to see this amazing gem on the South Island of New Zealand.  This activity is great for the entire family, couples, and friend groups. Other accommodation options are available. 

Let New Zealand Travel Solved plan your next South Island adventure and include an Abel Tasman 2-day or 3-day excursion. You tell us your ideal adventure, your dates, and activity level and we’ll do all the research, share our recommendations, and book the adventure of your dreams. 

Fully supported, we enjoyed the 2-day camping tour that included sea kayak, gear, PFD, skirt, and paddle, tent, air mattresses, dry bags, sleeping bags, water and meals, snacks.

Are you ready to plan your New Zealand Adventure?

Planning a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It takes time and energy to figure out what country to visit, which cities to spend time in, and activities to plan. It also takes a great deal of knowledge and research. Let New Zealand Travel Solved sift through the many choices, and do the investigation work for you.