7 tips to inspire planning for your future travel

Today the reality of the effects, repercussions, and recovery from COVID-19 swirl around in our minds, social media, and on the news with little organization or certainty. Feeling stuck, not knowing when travel will resume is imprisoning. But like a mystical medieval Dame in battle, we must draw our sword and fight back against this destructive villain to regain positive footing and spend our energy preparing ourselves for that amazing future trip.

Here are some tips on how to prep for future travel from home.

1. Empower positive thinking

This, too, shall pass. We wont be stuck at home forever. So use this time to plan for the future – and think about your ultimate vacation. Will you be relaxing on sunny shores? Rafting down an exhilarating waterfall? Striking out in a new city? Lay all your dreams out there and see what happens.

2. Learn a Language

As a traveler, I think this is a great way to spend time and enrich yourself in preparation for your next trip. Some apps offer free ways to learn a new language or learn simple phrases and the basics with a song on youtube.

3. Refresh your skills

Treat it like training. If you are planning on a three-month backpacking surf trip, find blog posts about how to pack for a three-month trip and where to surf as a solo traveler. Do the homework!

4. Know your budget and consider other travel options

For those whose livelihoods have been deeply affected by the pandemic, we understand the real-life anxiety that comes with uncertainty. If you are able, now is an excellent time to use free apps that allow you to track monthly bills and spending, so you can determine your best way to save for the future. Or possibly, youre brainstorming how to conserve your savings and still find travel opportunities by volunteering or working abroad.

5. Watch prices

While were not sure what the world will look like in the near future, we are confident that there is a future where you confidently step on a plane to a place youve always dreamed of visiting. Whatever that destination maybe, set a Price Alert (heres how) to track prices for that far-away, but hopefully not too far off trip.

6. Explore through audio and video

Some of my best New Zealand escapes have been through stunning NZ GEO videos and expert insight and advice on Travel with Rick Steves.

7. Escape into imaginary worlds

Many libraries include a Hoopla subscription, which lets you download audiobooks, ebooks, movies, and more using your library card. Search books, videos, and travel guides about your future destination.

Because were travelers, we know that in these unprecedented times, its easy to focus on all the things we wish we were doing. But, also as travelers, we understand the importance of seizing every opportunity to experience the world, even if its from the comfort of our homes. So when the time comes to traveling again, were ready for it.

Are you ready to plan your New Zealand Adventure?

Planning a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It takes time and energy to figure out what country to visit, which cities to spend time in, and activities to plan. It also takes a great deal of knowledge and research. Let New Zealand Travel Solved sift through the many choices, and do the investigation work for you.