7 tips to inspire planning for your future travel


Now is the time to explore the wild and untamed scenery in New Zealand! New Zealand, a land of breathtaking landscapes and thrilling experiences. From the snow-capped peaks of the Southern Alps to the azure waters of Milford Sound, adventure beckons at every turn. Embrace adrenaline-fueled activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, and glacier hiking, or immerse yourself in Maori culture and traditions. Explore the enchanting glowworm caves or hike the legendary Tongariro Alpine Crossing. With warm, welcoming locals and an abundance of natural wonders, New Zealand promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of adventure, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime.

Here are some tips on how to prep for future travel from home.

1. Empower positive thinking

Let hope guide your dreams of exploring New Zealand. Every penny saved, every plan made, and every effort invested will lead to an unforgettable journey. The Land of the Long White Cloud awaits, promising to reward your determination with breathtaking experiences and cherished memories. Make your New Zealand adventure a reality!

 2. Learn a Language (How about Māori (mau • dee)?)

Learning a new language opens a world of opportunities. Did you know that New Zealand in Māori is Aotearoa (ah-oh teh-ah ROH-ah)? It means island of the long white cloud. 

Learning a language enhances cognitive abilities, fosters cultural understanding, and breaks barriers of communication.  Learning a few Māori (mau• dee) phrases and using them in New Zealand is appreciated by the New Zealanders. 

Embrace diverse perspectives, connect with people, and experience new cultures firsthand.

Whether for travel, work, or personal growth, mastering a new language enriches life in countless ways. Some apps offer free ways to learn a new language or learn simple phrases and the basics with a song on youtube.

3. Do your homework!

Pre-travel research is crucial for a seamless journey. It equips you with vital information on destinations, cultures, safety, and essential logistics. Avoid pitfalls, maximize experiences, and uncover hidden gems. From visas to local customs, research empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring a memorable and stress-free adventure. If you are planning on a three-month backpacking surf trip, find blog posts about how to pack for a three-month trip and where to surf as a solo traveler. Do the homework!

4. Know your budget and consider other travel options

Knowing your budget and exploring various options ensures a well-managed trip. It helps prioritize expenses, find cost-effective alternatives, and avoid overspending. From accommodations to activities, considering different choices allows you to tailor your journey to match your preferences and financial capabilities, resulting in a satisfying and affordable travel experience.  Track monthly bills and spending, so you can determine the best way to save for the future. Or, possibly, you’re brainstorming how to conserve your savings and still find travel opportunities by volunteering or working abroad.

We can coach you on your travel plans or we can do all the heavy travel planning lifting for you!  View New Zealand Travel Solved’s Services for more information.

5. Watch prices

Monitor travel prices to seize favorable deals and save money. Maintain a spreadsheet to organize expenses and track budgets efficiently. Explore transportation options thoroughly, comparing costs and convenience, to make informed decisions that suit your itinerary and ensure a smooth, cost-effective trip. Whatever that destination may be, set a Price Alert (here’s how) and be ready to make a move!

6. Explore through audio and video

Online audio and video inspire travel planning by offering immersive experiences. Virtual tours, travel vlogs, and destination documentaries provide real-time insights into culture, landscapes, and attractions. Hearing firsthand accounts and witnessing captivating visuals ignites wanderlust, fostering excitement and anticipation for the upcoming adventure. Some of my best New Zealand escapes have been through stunning NZ GEO videos and expert insight and advice on Travel with Rick Steves.

7. Escape into imaginary worlds

Books on travel and stories transport readers to distant lands, fueling imagination and curiosity. They introduce unique destinations, cultures, and adventures, stimulating a desire to explore. Through inspiring narratives and relatable characters, readers envision themselves in thrilling experiences, motivating them to seek similar locations and activities in their own travels. Many libraries include a Hoopla subscription, which lets you download audiobooks, ebooks, movies, and more using your library card. Search books, videos, and travel guides about your future destination.

Seize the moment and plan your New Zealand adventure! Embrace the finest weather, with warm days and balmy nights. Experience thrilling activities amid stunning landscapes. From hiking to beachcombing, there’s something for everyone.

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Are you ready to plan your New Zealand Adventure?

Planning a trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It takes time and energy to figure out what country to visit, which cities to spend time in, and activities to plan. It also takes a great deal of knowledge and research. Let New Zealand Travel Solved sift through the many choices, and do the investigation work for you.