Why choose New Zealand Travel Solved?

You’ve traveled before, maybe to New Zealand, and you know how much work it is to do the research, book arrangements, and the logistics, and make sure all the pieces fit together at the ideal pace so that every experience is fantastic.

To save time

We estimate that 40-80 hours of time is spent doing research, and making travel arrangements for the average vacation.

Work with us, New Zealand Travel Solved, and we’ll take care of the planning for you!  We want to make your trip everything it can be and so much more!

You need a helping hand who knows the ins and outs of New Zealand and will recommend where to go, what to see, where to eat and where to stay.  Courtney actively travels to New Zealand throughout the year. She is passionate about New Zealand.

She knows the best places to eat, the most interesting hikes, and exciting activities. She has extensive knowledge of accommodations and travel logistics. With her team of experts, they’ll make the magic happen for your desired destination seamlessly and stress-free.

Courtney understands, will listen to your specific needs and desires for your vacation and will take care of every detail so that you can relax and enjoy your trip to New Zealand.

we have your back

Hi! I’m Courtney

I grew up in a farming community in rural Ohio. From an early age, my mother supported and encouraged travel. It was usual for us to fly to California every couple of years and also to visit different parts of the U.S. on our school vacations. My travel experience is extensive, as I feel most comfortable while exploring and experiencing new cultures. I’ve had the good fortune to visit many countries in Europe, Central America, as well as Australia, Brazil, Asia, and India. A few of my favorite destinations are documented on Climbbetty.com.

My first trip to New Zealand was in 2011. It was love at first sight. Since then, I have been actively traveling to New Zealand for extensive amounts of time and currently making plans to split my time between New Zealand and the U.S.

After more than a decade of helping friends and family with their travel plans, I decided I should make a business of it. I’m excited to launch New Zealand Travel Solved as a Travel Expert and Travel Coach.  

Travel Philosophy


New Zealand Travel Solved (NZTS) is not about volume. Instead, we are about creating authentic experiences. Courtney and her team of specialists have a deep understanding of travel, and in particular, New Zealand, and have personally experienced the road less traveled.

As destination experts, we only create custom, personalized itineraries. Unlike larger companies that employ travel agents, who only book specific hotels or packages for commissions, (NZTS) is not about mass tourism. We can, therefore, offer unbiased, unique suggestions for accommodations and experiences. We remove the middle man, so there are no hidden upcharges or commissions. We are a transparent fee-for-service company.

At New Zealand Travel Solved, we prefer a boutique approach to understanding our clients. The planning process is about connection, collaboration, and creating. We take a genuine interest in every client, learning their story, and what is fueling their wanderlust.

Our clients are independent travelers who know how much work goes into planning and executing a trip. They want to see it, hear it, smell it, and experience the incredible raw beauty, real communities, delightful flavors and heart-pounding activities of New Zealand and yet, keep it simple.

New Zealand Travel Solved planning services give you an itinerary that is one page per day, plus all the contact information you need at your fingertips. All the details are arranged, checked, and triple-checked so that when you receive the final itinerary, it puts you in the right place at the right time—enabling you to relax, enjoy and come home with great stories of your New Zealand adventure.

Travel Planning
Certified Travel Expert New Zealand

Courtney Kenady is a Silver Certified Travel Expert.  The designation Certified Travel Expert is awarded by Travel Beyond the Obvious after a rigorous set of assessment tests. Certified Travel Experts have demonstrated destination expertise, travel planning skill, and professionalism in their travel planning business, creating exceptional trips for travelers. She creates authentic experiences for travelers to New Zealand.


Travel Expert Network


Check out the Travel Expert NetworkSM where you’ll find other Certified Travel ExpertsSM ready to plan custom bucket list trips for you all over the world!

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