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Hey there, New Zealand explorers! We made it!

 Touching down in Auckland was an adventure in itself—our flight was smooth sailing, though the journey was a marathon. I’m no airborne sleeper, so by the time we landed, I felt like a twisted character straight out of a tired traveler’s tale! But guess what? The excitement of being here overshadows any hint of weariness. As we dive three days deep into this escapade, let me spill some travel secrets and dish out our firsthand encounters since our arrival. Buckle up, it’s story time!

Queenstown Night Luge New Zealand Travel Planning

Smooth Sailing Through 18+ Hours of Travel

Embarking on an 18+ hour journey to New Zealand might sound daunting, but fear not! With some savvy travel tips, your trip can be smooth sailing. Pack your essentials—neck pillow, cozy blanket, and noise-canceling headphones—to transform your flight into a comfortable retreat. Stay hydrated, make legroom a priority, use the overhead bins,  stretch regularly, and adjust your sleep schedule upon arrival, doing your best to stay awake and outside until it’s bedtime.  

Pro tip: Fly business class if you can, but if not choose an aisle seat for more legroom and easy access to stretch during the flight.

We arrived mid-day in Auckland and although completely wiped out, we ordered a flat white (coffee) to go and (deep breath) navigated to the first stop in our public transportation adventure.

Unlocking Auckland’s Charm with Public Transportation

Touching down in Auckland opens up a world of convenience, especially when it comes to getting around. Our choice to use public transportation was deliberate because Auckland’s public transportation system is a traveler’s dream—efficient, reliable, and a perfect gateway to explore. Parking can be challenging and costly. The easy access to trains and buses makes it much easier to dive into the bustling neighborhoods of Kingsland and Eden Park and embrace the local culture as you hop from one delightful spot to another, all just a ride away.

Insider insight: Invest in an AT HOP card for seamless access to buses, trains, and ferries around Auckland.

The AT HOP card can be purchase at the airport. To get to our lodging at Eden Park, we took a bus and a train. We then had to walk with our luggage for about 10 mins, after 18+ hours of travel that was the toughest part! 

Downtown Auckland: A Feast for the Senses

Once you’ve settled into the charm of Kingsland and Eden Park, don’t miss the chance to soar high above the city at the Sky Tower—a thrilling experience with breathtaking panoramic views. Dive deeper into the creative world at the Weta Workshop, where the movie magic of the Lord of the Rings comes to life in the most astounding ways. 

And when hunger strikes, let your taste buds dance in delight at downtown Auckland’s incredible restaurants. From street food markets to high-end dining, this city caters to every craving imaginable. We were on the run, so a quick and delightful stop at vibrant Harbour Eats offered many savory local delicacies.

Hot tip: If online reservations are full, inquire about in-person bookings for The Weta Workshop! Save on your visit by purchasing a combined ticket for the Sky Tower and Weta Workshop Unleashed.

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